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With the recruitment market becoming more and more demanding place, competition growing fiercer by the day, the requirements and expectations of both applicants and companies are skyrocketing. It is expected from recruitment professionals to carry out effective selection processes and job analysis within even shorter time constraints.

Professional search and selection

Professional search and selection is one of our core areas of expertise. Identifying high-caliber candidates across all management levels and within different areas of specialization has always been our trademark. For more details please refer to our expertise section. Our team of qualified personnel advisors has been successful in placing key professionals in both managerial and specialist positions. Their functional scope of expertise include sales, marketing, finance, supply chain, production, information technology, human resources and administration, among others.

Objective Assesment

Apart from structured, competency-based interviews HCC offers a range of assessment tools which can be tailored to a client’s specific requirements. These range from psychometric assessment, aptitude and skills tests to role plays and case studies. Our consultants provide wide scope of services from individual tests to full assessment centres for larger groups. HCC consultants provide comprehensive and analytical feedback ensuring that selection decisions are being based on tangible facts. Knowledge acquired during the assessment later on contributes vastly to the improvement of the on-boarding process and career development of respective employees;
We help our clients in facilitating internal assessments of employed personnel in order to identify training and development needs.

Talent mapping

Through our extensive talent acquisition network, we provide mapping and market intelligence services at both local and regional level. Our sourcing reach covers majority of European countries.
Most of our clients on daily basis face difficult talent management dilemmas. Broader market expertise of HCC personnel advisors helps them to gain an accurate insight into available talent pool, minimize recruitment lead times and ensure that salary arbitrage is maintained.
This particular knowledge can be benefitted from when conducting internal talent management and development reviews, for progression planning, when considering the pros and cons of internal promotions versus external candidate search, or simply assessing the viability of a new project or transition. It can also be helpful in understanding how our clients company’s brand is perceived in the marketplace and what steps are required to attract external candidates.

Executive search

HCC provides comprehensive executive search service for clients across various range of industries. For more details please refer to our expertise section.
Our consultants excel in recruitment of executive personnel by leveraging personal contacts across industry and their field of specialization. Combination of detailed knowledge from specific area and networking at the most senior level have been the key contributors to HCC’€™s success allowing us to deliver best in class bespoke service.
FORMS OF ENGAGEMENT. Executive search service offered by HCC is divided into three categories: contingent, retained and engaged. The contractual relationships with our clients are dependent on the nature of the assignment. Various factors are taken into account when agreeing respective terms of cooperation. The search can be customized to the client organization’s requirements, with the personnel advisor providing a consultative service through all stages of the recruitment process.

Preferred supplier

Over the years we have managed to establish lasting relationships with our clients. Those relationships have been fostered in most part through paramount quality of our hires. When working with our clients on exclusive assignments HCC consultants develop a much deeper understanding of the organizations strategic direction, company culture, specific expectations of involved stakeholders both at local and regional level.
EXPERTISE. Example search assignments we have executed amongst other cover positions of Chief Executive and Chief Operating Officer (CEO & COO), Executive Director, VP/Director of Human Resources, Chief Financial and Chief Information Officer (CFO & CIO), Director of Marketing for CEE Region, and other key leadership roles across Poland and Central and Eastern Europe.

RPO (Recruitment process outsourcing)

HCC’s candidate sourcing models have evolved into strategic talent management aligned with business strategy. This next generation of recruitment outsourcing required HCC team to focus on building genuine partnerships across all management levels within client’s organization.
HCC’s talent acquisition experts will manage full scope of your recruitment process. Our personnel advisers experienced in coordination of talent sourcing will provide your organization with effective targeting and candidate attraction solutions. HCC’s team with its expertise in talent acquisition will assist you in building strategy for planning, engaging, developing and retaining high potentials.
Scope of our services span from operational recruitment outsourcing through total resource management to complete talent management.

Needs analysis

HCC’s team will analyze your requirements and deliver considered strategic advice to help you achieve your both short and long term staffing goals.
Our RPO models can address variety of talent sourcing requirements:

  • Annual retention of assigned personnel advisors as part of client’s team will secure long term, on-going recruitment support.
  • One-off campaigns for a set duration or project, tailored to your individual business requirements will best to address transition periods or launching of the new site.
  • Implanting one or more of HCC’s experts in to your internal talent acquisition team will allow us to support or completely take over from you the recruitment process.

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