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We recruit people for all management levels and for positions that require highly specialised people.

Best candidates are recruited by consultants who know the uniqueness of individual positions, companies of the relevant sector and their organisational culture. Only this knowledge enables to determine early on where it is worth searching for a specific candidate. This, in turn, translates into the quality and duration of the recruitment process.

At HCC, we know the uniqueness of individual sectors.
Each of more than 20 of our consultants deals with recruitment projects in one of the following divisions: consumer services, finance and professional services, technical sector, IT. In each of these sectors, we complete several dozens of successful recruitment projects every year.

Our recruitment model increases the chance of finding managers and specialists tailor-made to the needs of your organisation.

It usually includes the following steps:

Business needs analysis – we detail operational and financial objectives the achievement of which the desired person is to support.

Specification of customer’s requirements – our consultants will advise on how to define the search criteria to ensure that recommended candidates meet all expectations of the employer.

Market research – we collect information that prepare us for interviews with potential candidates.

Direct search – it enables to reach selected candidates.

Assessment and selection. At this stage, we define the competence profile of the candidate and then select candidates best suited to requirements of the employer.

Presentation of candidates – we present the customer with a list of 3 to 5 recommendations and reports containing information relevant from the viewpoint of the employer that, at the decisive stage of the process, will ensure the recruitment success.

Testimonials review – it is always part of the recruitment process at HCC. Opinions of colleagues, co-workers and superiors enable to increase the objectivity of the assessment and the relevance of testimonials.

Negotiations – at the stage of making the decision regarding the final content of the job offer, our consultants are actively involved in negotiations between the parties. This way, they ensure the right information flow and minimise the risk that the candidate could refuse the presented offer.

Consultations – in contrast to other recruiters, we are in contact with candidates practically from the moment when they become an integral part of the organisation.

We do a lot to ensure that the communication with our customers is smooth.

We have prepared a number of documents that make the communication easier for us.

Recruitment services order form – the document contains all the most important issues related to the position profile, expectations of the HR Department and Hiring Manager, highlights individual stages of the recruitment process, and determines the MITs (the Most Important Things) of the customer. Furthermore, the form includes contact details of individual people involved in the process. This form enables the confirmation of key findings and their easier implementation.

Candidate report – the report is prepared by a consultant presenting the recommended candidate; it has a consistent structure that enables its modification in respect of requirements of the relevant position; the report always contains additional information about the so-called areas of development of the candidate to which we draw customer’s attention, and candidates’ motivation and personality profile.

Summary of candidate’s major achievements form – the document presents candidate’s business and people-development achievements and their impact on the organisation. It is mainly used for managerial positions.

Testimonial form – it is filled out by an HCC consultant during a phone interview with the party providing testimonials. This is a structured interview examining individual competencies, attitudes and behaviour specified by the customer in the recruitment service order form. Each competence is assessed according to a fixed scale.


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